Welcome to Saint Michel des Perrais


ecole Saint Michel

Saint Michel des Perrais is situated 20 km from LE MANS, and 200 km from PARIS ( see maps).

The school has accommodation for 250 students ranging from 1st to upper 6th form. It is a co-educational boarding school with traditional values such as hard work, discipline and respect. Each young person is important and deseves equal consideration.

Built in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the castle and the park offer a pleasant environment for both staff and students. The school is constantly improved to provide the best opportunities to succeed in educational thinking ( science laboratories, technology workshops, PC network with Internet access...).

Aims and Objectives

We set out to make Saint Michel des Perrais a place :

  • where everyone feels welcome, respected and appreciated for who they are and encouraged in their future projects.
  • where students and teachers work together for effective learning within the National Curriculum.
  • where everyone can get as much knowledge, understanding and skill as possible.
  • where both staff and parents help students become more responsible.

School day

08.55 start of first period
09.50 start of second period
10.45 break
10.55 start of third period
11.50 start of fourth period
12.45 lunch
13.45 start of fifth period
14.40 start of sixth period
15.35 break
15.50 start of seventh period
16.45 start of eighth period
17.40 end of school

N.B. : some periods are study periods.

Extra Curricular activities

Students can develop their personal qualities through a wide range of extra curricular activities including : sports - drama - writing - Information Technology - Christmas market - choir ....

Foreign Students

Saint Michel des Perrais is used to having international students during the school year, whether it be for a few months or for the whole year:

  • These students are fully integrated, not only sharing the everyday life of a boarder, but also sharing the French family life, as they are warmly invited to spend the week-ends in French friends's families.
  • Aware of the difficulties raised by the language, students can have extra lessons to become more fluent in french.



he first thing that struck me about Saint Michel was its beauty. I arrived here on a September morning. The moment the grand school gates I was taken back by the surroundings. The beautiful school sparkled above the dewy green grass as the rising sun ascended on the golden chateau. This school looked like a fantastic place in a fairy tale.

It was the "pause" in between two classes when I first met the students in the beautiful school gardens. Everyone was extremely welcoming and all the girls flocked over eager to get to know me. My fear about coming to France for seven weeks was that I would have been excluded as I would have been seen as "the exchange student". Lucky for me, this was not so.

The reason I enjoyed my stay so much was because I loved the atmosphere of the school community. The friendship in this school really shone. Everyone knew everyone, everyone talked and joked with one another and nobody was left out. There were no divisions within the school. All the classes and all the years bonded and there was always a strong notion of school spirit. I found it really cute that lots of the little children in the lower classes knew my name and sent me little letters during study saying "you is beautiful". The smaller kids were adorable they always gave me kisses and say "hi" in the morning.

My reason for coming to France was to learn French. By being in a French school, I was surrounded by a French environment 24/7. In school, I have always been an A student in French, but being good at French in school and being good at French are two completely different things. I was plunged in at the deep end. I was experiencing the reality of French. When I first arrived the whole of France might as well have been talking Japanese for all I could understand. At times I felt like as was dreaming because it was so strange not to understand. French was just noise when I was tired. I think that my French has improved a lot. The hardest thing was the pronunciation. Much of the time I knew the vocab to say what I wanted but trying to get people to understand me was a whole different story. Gradually, it became easier, I could understand better. People even told me that my accent was really improving.

At the beginning, class was such a struggle for me. The first day I tried to attempt the school homework I spent 25 minutes trying to work what the question meant…The girls were very good to me, they always enjoyed to help me whenever I had difficulties. I really appreciated their help; it was very kind of them.

It has been an incredible experience for me staying in Saint Michel. It has made me more confident and independent. Not only has it improved my French but has also strengthened other more important skills such as bonding with people. I really feel like I have made some friends for life in Saint Michel. It really was a magical place."